Time Has Passed and the Event Is Over


Time has passed and the event is over. I want to extend a big thank you to all of the little petites who visited Petite Haunted Happenings and did one or both of the hunts. Thank you for all your good wishes and for your wonderful comments on how much you enjoyed the hunts and that you loved the gifts.

Thank you creators! If it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t have been all those great fabulous gifts to be found. All your work was evident in the gifts you gave.

I want to extend a personal big thank you to Dax Dover who helped set everything up and put in more than just her time and effort to help make the Petite Haunted Happenings a huge success. Thank you, Dax!

Keep an eye out for notification of the next event we will be holding which will be snow and holiday related.

Thank you all,

Monavie Voight