These are the Gifts!


PLEASE NOTE: Some of these are Ghost Hunt gifts and some are Magic Cauldron gifts. Do both hunts to get them all!  Happy Hunting!

SLURL: Oak Meadows/111/156/21

These are the wonderful stores and kind merchants that are participating in the Ghost Hunt:

A Touch of Nomical – Elizabet Savira
Le Petite Village – Monavie Voight
Rainy Fey Petite – Nyree Rain
Secrets – Mahaila Viper
Sister Fate* Petites – Dax Dover and Sifra Ceawlin
ValaDation – ValaDoll Resident

We will be posting more pictures of the awesome gifts as soon as we get them, so please check back!


A Touch of Nomical:

A Touch of Nomical PHH Gift

Le Petite Village:

PHH Cape Jacket Orange

PHH Blazer Jacket

Hallows eve dress phh copy

Jeans phh orange ad copy

Stardust dress copy


Le Petite Village Petite Garden Drying Rack

Le Petite Mojo Bag - To Bring Cheerfulness

Le Petite Village Wings Ailes du feu

Le Petite Village PHH Cauldron Gift #2

Le Petite Village PHH Cauldron Gift #1

Rainy Fey Petite:



Sister Fate* Petites:

Sister Fate* Petites Kelly Thigh-Highs Browns for PHH

Sister Fate* Petites Kelly Thigh-highs Blacks for PHH



Sister Fate* Petites Leyna_Purple




Application Deadline for Creators – October 10, 2014


The leaves of the Enchanted Forest are beginning to turn! October is here and Halloween is not far away! We hope you will join us for the festivities – Petite Haunted Happenings 2014 will take place from October 15 to November 2.

If you are a creator or designer of items for Petite mesh avatars, please join us! There will be two opportunities for you to participate.

The first one is the Ghost Hunt, which is a sim hunt. You will be given a ghost to add your gift to and we can help you hide it somewhere in the forest for Petite Ghost Hunters to find.

The second one is the Magic Cauldron, which will be filled with treasures provided by creators and designers. For this activity, the Petite Spellcasters will need to search the forest to gather the list of ingredients required for a Gifting Spell. This is like a scavenger hunt. Once all the ingredients have been found, they can then cast the Gifting Spell at the Magic Cauldron and it will release it’s bounty of special gifts to them.

If you are a creator or designer for Petite mesh avatars and would like to participate in either or both of these activities at Petite Haunted Happenings, please fill out the Application Form by October 10, 2014.

Happy hauntings!